Private classes will be conducted in the Thanet area of Kent.

There will be no drop in classes conducted in Goa


All levels - signify beginners to advance practitioners

Level 1- beginners or someone who has done only a few classes 

Level 2 - improvers

Level 3 - advanced or someone who has a regular practice or takes classes regularly (5/6 days a week)

SUSHUMNA PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION: The class is split into 40 minutes of various breathing techniques to enhance our life force, so we extend and endure our life force energy. 20 minutes of meditation, focus on a mantra (repetition of sanskrit words witch carry positive and powerful energy) or breath or body part, like in vipassana and various other methods of Hindu and Buddhist meditations. Meditation is highly therapeutic and is the ultimate reason that we do asana (posture) practice, so that we can sit for long hours without moving and therefore increase our awareness that we are so much more than just our mind and bodies.
(levels 2/3)
SUSHUMNA VINYASA FLOW: Asanas are linked together in an original way unlike the Mysore self-practice which is a set series of Asanas that follow from one to another. Continuous movement with the breath is key as well as bandhas, drishti and ujjayi breath, (see vision page). This is a dynamic class for people who like to move and sweat and be challenged. If you are completely new to yoga we encourage you to do a Iyengar or Hatha class first before trying out this one. However as long as you give your full attention and listen very carefully to the teacher, modifications are given so that everyone can benefit. It is important to remember that yoga is not a competition and that we should never compare ourselves to others who have been practicing longer or have more flexibility and strength. (Levels 2/3)
SUSHUMNA RESTORATIVE (YIN YOGA): is exactly as it says, we use props like, mats, belts, bolsters, blocks, to enable us to really relax into feeling our body stretch and remain tranquil in various positions. We help to balance our equilibrium and often chakra opening is encouraged through affirmations & mantra. It leaves you feeling alive, relaxed and calm. (All levels)
BEGINNERS HATHA YOGA: you will go through the various aspects of Hatha Yoga, through Asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (cleansing techniques), and yoga nidra (physical, mental & emotional relaxation) and meditation. You will slowly build a strong sadhana (practice), if you attend as much as possible, which will enable you to practice at home with understanding and confidence. 
(Level 1)
HATHA & HATHA FLOW: same as hatha yoga, but flowing/linking asanas 
(All levels)
LED ASHTANGA: You will go through the primary series of Ashtanga as taught in Mysore, the teacher will also provide modifications for those that are new to yoga. It is important to remember that utter commitment and stamina is needed to reap the benefits of this class. (levels 2/3)

SIVANANDA: normally starts with savasana then pranayama, going into a few rounds of surya namaskar, followed by 12 basic asanas which are held for as long as is possible for the practitioner, with savasana between each pose.. The teacher allows some flexibility with in this formula of this 90 minute class. (All Levels)

"Sushumna offers a healing environment that is extraordinary for the holistic treatment of the mind, body and soul."